1: Dorium Fat Friar Montage One
2: Dorium Fat Friar Montage Two
3. Dorium: BBC Official
4. Dorium: Pretty Toy
5. Dorium: Attack Prayer
6. Doctors:  Scooter Thank You
7. Doctors: Doctors Don't Want Money
8. Baron & Fat Friar
9. Fat Friar: Colour
10. Fat Friar: AL (2001)
11. Gettinh On: Bed
12. Getting On: Bench
13. Puppy Love: Three
14: Puppy Love: Fire Outside
15. 3Some: Margaret & Roger
16. 3Some: Group
17. Book !
18. Book 2
19. Personal Video Message
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Pundemic:  poster and best lead actor nomination

Simon Fisher-Becker is a regular Co-Host of of the Radio Podcast
The No-Name Trivia Show
Live every Monday at 11.00am (UK) and 8.00pm (Australia)
Host - Joseph McGrail-Bateup Co-Host Simon Fisher-Becker Co-Host Paul Boultwood

Pundemic:  poster and best lead actor nomination

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One-Man Show

My Dalek Has Another Puncture
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Let Zygons be Zygons

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Whooverville 12
Saturday 4th September
The Quad,
Market Place
Derby DE1 3AS

Chicago TARDIS 2021
Friday 26th to Sunday 28th November


Sci-Fi Cruise
from Miami to from Fort Lauderdale
18th - 29th April, 2022



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Simon Fisher-Becker's autobiography Vol. 2,
published by
Fantastic Books Publishing
is now on sale.
Click the pic to order.

Bryan Jacobson, Cardiff:
"What a page turner. Very funny, sometimes sad but always entertaining. Above all it's helped me think about my demons and how I can cope with them. Highly recommended."

Jenny Coles, Wellington NZ
What a pick me up! This is such an easy read. A rich, honest, at times, disturbing account of life experiences shared with hilarious anecdotes that had me laughing out loud. Having met Simon Fisher-Becker he is a sincere, genuine, kind person. 'My Dalek Has Another Puncture' is just a fraction of what the man is about - Do follow his work.

Rick Cross, Alabama USA
If you only know Simon Fisher-Becker as Dorium Maldovar from the Eleventh Doctor era, you're missing out on a premiere essayist, philosopher and wit! Just in time for Christmas, he's issued MY DALEK HAS ANOTHER PUNCTURE, the second of his autobiographical works reflecting on his relationship with DOCTOR WHO, a rocky childhood dodging bullies and life as a working actor and artist. By turns inspiring, moving and funny as hell, Simon's latest is a perfect holiday prize for that Whovian in your life!



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Doctor Who presents some major casting challenges. Dorium was one of the biggest. Happily, when I sought out the fearless Simon Fisher-Becker, he far exceeded all my expectations.
Andy Pryor, Casting Director
(Dr Who, Torchwood, Trainspotting,
Upstairs Downstairs, Call the Midwife, etc)

He's very good you know
Paul Scofield, Actor

Such a big hit at Conventions
Mark Dean, Nor-ConFAN

Steven Moffat, Executive Producer, Dr Who

Always has something up his sleeve!
Denholm Elliott, Actor & Mentor

Amusing & Entertaining
Catrin Stewart, Jenny, Dr Who

Unassuming, Unflappable and utterly Unforgettable
Gary Russell, script editor, Dr Who and Director Big Finish

The Best Blue Actor in the Business
Tom MacRae, Television Writer, Threesome, Dr Who and Lewis


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